A Complex Fertilizer Manufacturer Aminopia Extends Its Footprint in the Asian Market

2019-07-16 14:00 출처: Aminopia Co., Ltd.

BUSAN--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 07월 16일 -- Aminopia Co., Ltd., a complex fertilizer manufacturing and trading company, is set to make its way into the Asian market with an abundant lineup of products.

The company’s signature brand Happy Farm includes functional products such as Rising, Ground Emperor, Big Flesh, and Red; amino acid and calcium products like Animal Amino Acid, Amino-Cal, A-Mix, A-Cals, A-Final, Hi-Cals, and One-Cal; and other products as Change, In-Cal Change, Bio-Self, and Eco Plus.

Rising, Aminopia’s fertilization agent, improves the yearly crop yield by preventing damages from poor fertilization in cold weather and helping crops to keep the right shape and size.

When applied to fruits, Rising enlarges their flowers and prolongs the life span to improve the balance and fertilization. It also helps with the pollen formation by promoting hormones required to fertilize in a low-temperature season to induce standard quality fruits and contributes to the initial enlargement and quality improvement.

Aminopia conducts various tests both in-house and from authorized agencies like PanKorea to prove its effect scientifically. The company also provides consistent quality and satisfaction with quality assurance procedures, making their products more reliable.

Founded in 2013, Aminopia’s core value is to achieve human happiness with nature. The company is acquiring amino acid fertilizer manufacturing technology via continuous research and development and expanding its business into the Chinese market, launching various new products.

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